Importance of Mental Health

“Without Mental Health ,Physical Health is nothing”

What is Mental Health?

It’s the level of being good in emotional and behavioral and not having any mental lillness. Mental health affects your thinking and how to act in various situation and decision making.

Now a days people are not worried much about their Mental health ,but the fact ” Poeple have to balance their physical and mental health equally” inorder to lead a good life🤗

We are living in fast moving world and it won’t wait for any .Here we have to practise, how to keep mentally fit ?

Why Mental Health is More important ?

Imagine, you physically fit but you failed to keep your mental helath . Here problem arises ,You can’t control your emotions, you can’t concentrate ,you can’t take decision,you ll get frustrated for small things which could be solve easily, you ll lose whom you are,You can’t concentrate on your work and “If you are not mentally fit what else you can do with your physical Heath?”


Emotions like sadeness ,anger and fear are a normal part of human life.When these becomes intense and persistent it ll leads to depression


Each and everyone facing stress in day to day life.It can’t be eliminated in this fast moving world and lifestyle,but we can control stress to maintain better mental health

Way to improve Mental Health

Spend enough time with your loved ones ,to maintain healthy ,thriving relationship 😍

Keep active yourself always

Share your feelings

Don’t be ideal

Stop thinking your past mistakes

Do something which you like to do

Do physical activity

Hear music to improve mood and happiness to avoid mood swings

Stop worrying which you can’t contol

Eat properly ,Take food at right time

Have Good sleep

Do Meditation daily ,It ll helps you a lot to improve mental helath

Thank you my dear readers,Hope you people are doing good😍😍😍

Pic courtesy: Forbes


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