Learn as much as you can ,through out your life,In this world No body knows everything😉 And nobody is perfect .You have to Learn from your mistakes and growup🙂 Expedite your path, Conectarte on your goal, Don’t change your track for anyone🙃 Try to reach your Goal ,but don’t be upset for your actions ,That…

Turn Back👀

“Sometimes it’s better to choose different route”,instead of taking U-turn . We have to approach/define a path which steer to reach our destination. But remember, we should keen on what we had chosen to attain what we want. Pic ©Vijethkannan,Backtechinfo.

🌊Seashore 🌊

Is there anything requires to watch? That she refuses to stop kissing the shorelines every second with full of good vibes, no matter how many times it’s sent away and came back to us again and again 🌊 ©Vijethkannan, Backtechinfo


One fine rainy day💕🌧️clouds were walking along with me and we both enjoyed chill climate🌈❄️ and beauty of blossom🌼

Believe in yourself

Like Nature Our life too have ups and downs,In spring we will enjoy those blossom🌼🌸💮and leaves will glow🌴🌱,Imagine same tree during fall 🍂, Likewise we may experienced some bad situations in our life don’t loose your hope , everything is not permanent ,It will change.Believe in yourself ,It will helps you to achieve your goals/leads…

Life is hard but not impossible 👍

what you think about your present life? May be our present life is full of depression, frustration, lonely,anger, no happiness, It will vary person to person and it depends on how he/she leads their life and entirely depends on their thoughts and their decision. For someone having a chocolate gives happy ,for some others having…

Love between 2 Souls ❤️

Love which listens to the heart, can’t obey to anything else. Love which demands utmost care,can’t bear being questioned its loyalty. It’s not smooth ride when it comes to love. Without separation you can’t gauge the depth of love. ❤️Love everyone.Care ,who shows that ❤️ ❤️Thank you readers ❤️ Pic courtesy: Google/ ©Vijethkannan,Backtechinfo.

❤️Thoughts of life❤️

Learn to wait,there is always time for everything. Don’t get disappointed & Don’t loose your hope at any situation. Be kind to everyone in this world. Care yourself and care others too. Build your own dreams and start your journey to achieve those dreams. Sometimes it is better to be alone to avoid bad situations…

Is your life in Balance?

Why we need balanced life? In this world everything is balanced ,As a human being our life should be balanced. Balanced life is essential for personal effectiveness,peace of mind and personal health and well-being in fast-paced in this modern world We will handle various elements in our life .There will be a chance ,we may…